My painting is an alchemic process ; I think of it as a transformation from the flat shape to a three dimensional illusion.

In this language of color and tone, it’s as if I see through a magnifying glass.  Colors and tones are blended in a way that is connected to how light and shadow move across and through surfaces, evoking varying densities and depths of field.  Colors have their own peculiar interactions with each other and I discover their possibilities while making the painting, continually adjusting the temperature and tonality of both grounds until the foreground reverberates in the way I am searching for.

I like the taut canvas, the folded corners, the flat shape.  When you look from the side, you see a trace of the stain of the background color but the oil film stops at the front edge, revealing exactly what it is in physical form.

The magic occurs for me when the colors start to reverberate and somehow come to life within this medium of oil paint.  Each painting presents a floating foreground color over a background color – but rather than just floating – the foreground color seems also embedded into the background color and by extension the actual canvas.

The transitional ‘walls’ as I think of them play such an active role in achieving this illusion.  They are the key to everything and yet they engage almost on a subliminal level –  it’s here in the interstices between grounds that the transformation between dimensions can be realized.


In collaboration with ASAP Gallery.