Collaboration EICAS Deventer

We are proud to announce a close collaboration between Chabot Fine Arts and the young museum EICAS in Deventer. EICAS is centered around a collection of Zero and Nul art. The museum organizes exhibitions relevant to these Zero-roots and presents artists who are close to Nul and Zero or are working in a manner that reflects the telltale attitude of the Zero artists at that time.

We share this appreciation of Zero, Nouvelle Tendence, Concrete Art and its miscellaneous representatives. A collaboration between the gallery and EICAS is therefore evident and we are looking forward to stage a big exhibition of both Chabot Fine Art and Young Chabot Fine Art filling the whole museum in the near future. As a preview we show some works this summer in one of the rooms of EICAS. This show will open June 2nd and lasts till September 8th.